Saks doesn't price match?

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  1. I just called Saks to try to get them to price match a jacket I saw on Nordstroms for $100 less. They told me that since the jacket was already on sale at Saks, that they wouldn't do a further price reduction..:tdown:
  2. Yes Nordstrom does price match but the item has to be in stock & the exact same item

  3. :confused1: That's strange b/c I was having some issues w/ NM along the same lines. I conducted an online chat w/ Saks CS and they said as long as the same exact item, color, size,etc was in stock, they would price match. Here's the thing: If purchasing thru, item has to be on in order to do price match and same goes for store items.

    That's weird that they won't price match even though their item is on sale. If it's still a higher price than a competitor's, I would think that they would want your business...:confused1:
  4. In my experience, Saks and NM will NOT price-match. But perhaps their CS for and have a bit more lee-way.
  5. I have had Saks price match before on a sale item. They matched Neiman's price.