saks- dior gauchos 50% off!!!

  1. Saks stores that carry Dior handbags are currently selling the gaucho bags in red leather and blue leather for 50% off!

    I got the gaucho tote in red leather for $845, down from $1600+. (3rd pic shown below, but in the red)

    Chicago Saks, Boston Saks & NYC saks are the ones I called who still have plenty of stock left + no tax if you have the bag shipped to you.

    the small gaucho is $580.00
    the Medium gaucho is $775.00
    the tote w. double handle $845.00

    didnt get price on the wallets or the double saddle messenger bag,but call your local saks.

    Sarah NYC- saks dior is great, I would recommend her.

    Good luck.

    ps. added pics of gauchos for those of you not familiar, this was/is an IT bag in hollywood and amongst the fashionistas world wide, im shocked they are on sale.




    here are more stores that carry dior handbags: New York, Boston, Atlanta, Bal Harbour, Boca Raton, Orlando, Chicago, Birmingham, Hackensack, and Bala Cynwood

    ( info from saks customer service)

    good luck! hopefully they arent gone by weekends end, when everyone starts to find out :p
  2. Wow!!!!
  3. I was shocked to see them on sale at the Dior boutique last night. My SA said that they had just been put out yesterday. Only the red and blue went on sale over here too, although I think the prices were 40% and not 50, darn!
  4. ^ yeah, Im still SHOCKED. these things sold very well at retail price, im surprised they went on sale. They were only marked down 2-3 days ago and not many people know as it was a very recent markdown. I wonder if the red ballet flats were reduced aswell? hmm, I will have to find out. saks always offers a better discount then other stores..YAY!

    Edited to say: The DENIM gauchos are also 50% off.
  5. thanks for sharing!!

    It's great! My friend is waiting for it
  6. WOW...GREAT deal!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: :nuts:
  7. soharrr ,could you offer the item number? Thanks
  8. Saks in Las Vegas also carries Dior. I phone ordered from them with no sales tax for delivery to California. What a great deal!
  9. wow~:tup: i'ma gonna call them right now!! Hope I can get one as well!!
  10. Great deal! I always wanted one of these..
  11. sf dior boutiques are offering the same sale. denim gauchos also on sale.

    the dior in bloomingdales has much better stock.

    the medium saddle is 50% off the OLD price ( is selling now 1550, but they ring up as 1395 + discount FYI)

    btw all sales final at bloomies
  12. Are the Dior boutiques ringing up at the $1395 or Bloomies? I checked Eluxury but they are not showing on sale. I phone ordered and was able to have the tax waived but wondering if it would have been a better deal to buy in San Francisco? Thanks.
  13. i went to both the dior store on stockton and bloomies. the totes at the stockton st store were the old price ($1550), according to this thread the new price seems to be $1690. i did not check the price of the medium gaucho as they only had the blue in stock there

    as for what is the better deal... do the math. let's take the medium saddle for example

    1395 *0.5 * 1.085 tax = 756.79 (+ shipping i do not know if they can waive tax but they might. pre tax price is 697 + shipping if they do that)

    other stores with price increased

    1550 *0.5 = 775 + shipping w/ tax waived.

    so it would appear that either way SF has the better deal if you get the OLD price. but of course i would call and confirm the price before handing my CC# over
  14. Thanks for the info. I'll have to go to Union Square tomorrow and check it out.

  15. oh duhhh you live in SF lol. sorry about that, thought you were out of state for some reason. so yeah... anyway even with tax it's a bit of a savings plus you get the bag now