SAKS Designers' Day Off Sale & Off Saks Fifth Sale

  1. Hey Ladies!

    Just wanted to let you know about the upcoming sales...

    Saks Designers' Day Off Sale
    Tues, May 8th (same day as NM Private Shopping Night sale)
    Also Double Points on all sale items
    ---40% off women's designer collections, classic and contemporary sportswear and intimates
    ---30% off women's handbags and shoes, modern and classic selections in The Men's Store.

    In store and on-line

    Not sure which designers' are included?? This is different from the F&F Day.

    Off Fifth Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet Sale
    Fri, May 11 to Sun, May 20
    Women, Men, Home Selections, includes clearance
    ---20% off plus if you have the postcard it is an additional 5% off= total of 25% off.

    Start saving for these great sales!! Hopefully we'll get lucky and find some really good deals! ;)
  2. thank you
  3. tnx, is there a code we can use online?
  4. Hi Lainey! Thanks for the info! I'm interested in the Saks Designers' Day Off Sale, but i'm unfamiliar with it. Can you please tell me how to use the discount? Also, if anyone finds out which designers are/arent included, that would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. You are all welcome!

    I just re-read the card and it says that the prices at will reflect the reduction for that day. So no code is needed. I assume that in the stores it will reflect the sale price at the register??

    Will ask my SA tomorrow. She was off today when I called.
  6. I wonder if burberry is included or marc jacobs. please let us know! thanks!
  7. Nice! Thanks Lainey, very nice of you to share this info..
  8. Ooh thanks for the info! I'll have to check it out.. You wouldnt happen to know if the discount applies with international shipping??
  9. Anyone know if it is all designer on-line stuff?
  10. I was in Saks today in Atlanta and I talked to 2 different SA's. Neither one was able to tell me how much the discounts would be, nor the brands that would be discounted. I asked to speak to the handbag manager, but he was not in.:confused1:
  11. I was just at Saks today as well, but in SF, and from what I gathered, they don't know the exact list until probably Sunday. I was mainly interested in shoes, so as far as shoes go, none of the really high-end brand shoes will go on sale. He said only the "mid-range" shoes will, although he said D&G might participate this time. Hope this helps! also i believe the sale is about 30%?