Saks Designer Sale! Up to 70% off

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    Many analysts are saying in 2008 there will be a recession and that luxury will lose its luster. Um I am not so sure about luxury losing its luster! Maybe people will not buy as much, but there are always sales, glorious sales! And look, Saks has already gotten on our side to give us another <a href=""><strong>Designer Sale</strong></a> where we can save up to <strong>70% off</strong> on selected items. I'm going to be honest, the handbag selection sucks, but there are amazing clothing and shoe deals!

    Even better you can receive <a href="">free shipping on orders of $150 or more with code <strong>NEWYEAR</strong></a>. Offer valid through 1.13.08!

    <a href="">So go shop shop shop!</a>
  2. Thanks for the heads up Megs.

    I just scored a pair of boots for $145 (Reg. $545)... what a steal! :smile: Such a good bargin...I decide to get a my mom a pair too! :smile:
  3. I scored a great Jimmy Choo Mahala :yahoo::yahoo:
  4. It was a good sale. I got a pair of Christine Louboutin for $247, retail was $825. Also a pair of ferragamo for $111, retail was $485.
    Hope they will fit.
  5. i've tried to get online all morning... is their site really down or is it just me??
  6. Hey Lady much did you get it for if you dont mind me asking??

  7. Some of the stuff thats marked down more is still the same price!! This juicy coat that i've been waiting for to go on sale is still $328, the same sale price its been at for like 2 months now. Is it just me or is some of the stuff not all marked down?
  8. ^ Yup, azhangie. I noticed that too.
  9. I went to the Saks store in NY, and picked up Wolford ribbed merino tights for $20, marked down from $70 and streamline tights for $14 marked down from $52. There are lots of good deals throughout the store.
  10. Agreed - in store has a LOT of great stuff left!
  11. It's not just you. All the things I wanted are still the same price:tdown:
  12. ya those items are not considered markdowns so no additional % on that.
  13. thanks for the heads up. Went to the store this AM and got the last pair of suede Prada booties for $178. I think they were originally like over $400.