Saks Designer sale online NOW!!

  1. The designer sale is going on right now at Saks website. CL, Jimmy Choo,...:yahoo:
  2. Oh my, so many cute bags...
  3. Thanks!!
  4. Their NYC store is having their presale and actual sale starts Wednesday. Stopped by today and there were a lot of shoes on sale!
  5. Aaargh! I'm literally getting a headache from all these sales! There are so many things I want! Thanks for posting!
  6. Are the online sale prices the same as the in store sale prices?
  7. i bought my fourth bag for this month... can't wait til december... then I can start counting from 0 :biggrin:
  8. just a note - the link through the Saks sale email i just got leads to the sale that essentially hasn't changed (i think)...but when you go to the designer index and click on the designers individually, there are sale links on their pages that show a whole SLEW of things on 2 pages of louboutins! could just be my browser, but in case anyone's getting to the sale and not noticing any changes, you may want to try this :smile:
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  10. Wow there are alot of CL on sale!
  11. Rainyjewels is right - things that don't show up for sale under the main Sale link do when you do it this way. Some boots I have been stalking just went on sale, including the choos and louboutins - how I wish I hadn't shopped yesterday! Ahh!!
  12. You're not the only one - same thing for me when I go to the Saks Web site.
  13. wow the price on those quilted tory burch's are pretty sweet! THanks for posting :biggrin: I can't wait until I search through the whole sale section
  14. great! thanks!!