Saks Deal on Shoes MAJOR UPDATE

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  1. Ok so I got my $150 GC in for buying $400.00 worth of shoes. I went in and place ANOTHER order under a different EMAIL and used the gift card and got ANOTHER gift card for $150.

    You can ROLL THEM!!! So I spent $300 and have another $150 coming back to me.:wlae:

    Go get to rolling those deals!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. wohoooo.. this is good to know! thank you for posting!
  3. Are you serious?!?! You already got your shoes in the mail? That quick...does the gift card come in the same box as the shoes?
  4. Azhangie, yes I got my shoes really quick. I am in NJ. Maybe they ship close? And yes the gift card was in an envelope with the invoice in the box!!
  5. Very sneaky...and I like it!
  6. ^Ok..thanks!!! After I read your post...I went ahead and bought a pair of shoes. Too bad I didnt get to this sooner, or else I would have been able to use the gift card again before the end of the event. Damnit.
  7. I know I am PRAYING my order will come in on Monday. If it does it will be "groundhog day" again! LoL!
  8. If only i was closer to all the orders ship out of NY???
    My order shows that it should show up at my house by 4/5 that date always correct?
  9. their warehouse is on the east coast. the orders shipped to east coast such as NY, MA are as quick as 2 days. i will get mine tomorrow. but not going to buy another pair..only if one of the pairs turns out to unfit. but i doubt it.:rolleyes:

  10. I placed my first order on the it today. My order today said 4/2 but it will be here either Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday will be to late but, hopefully monday ;)
  11. wow that's good to know! thanks for the info :smile:
  12. I got my shoes and the GC today too....!!!!!took 2 days!WOW!
  13. does anyone know what happens if you end up returning those shoes?
  14. I think like with their e-GC event, the gift card amount gets decreased or in this case, probably voided out..
  15. do you know what the exclusions are? i want to stock up on uggs