Saks customer service question

  1. I bought a white bag from them, and then a week later (sworn havent used it at all!) i saw some small black ink spots on the bag. I called them right away and they told me to send it back, but I know this bag is sold out everywhere!

    So I put some leather conditioner and try to wipe it away, no luck. Tried everything, no luck.

    Then I took out the magic eraser and the ink sorta dissolve into a giantic smear and eventually part of the leather dye was "lifted"! I freaked out, took it to the cobbler, and they totally fixed it, but cost me $35. Is it wrong to do so?

    I know $35 is not much, but I was wondering if Saks will pay for that in any chance? I don't understand why the bag would have ink mark on it in the first place!!
  2. Well the problem with this is that they havent seen your ink spot. If you brought it to them before and showed them and then gotten it fixed they would have picked up the bill however if they have never seen it i doubt they will.