SAKS Customer Service--Are the SAs at rude to you? ...Or is it only me? :P

  1. Recently two sweaters from Saks Direct arrived separately in a sad state. One stunk like my grandma's closet filled with moth balls; the other had white cat hair all over and smelled so strongly of someone else's perfume that I could taste it in the air.

    I reported the issue (very nicely!), and afterwards when I called, I thought the SAs were being short with me, leading me to think my account is flagged for 'Difficult Customer' or something! Am I being silly and it happens to everyone else, or should I be careful? :s I guess I'm just scared after the NM fiasco. Thanks, ladies.
  2. May be your Higher Power is telling you to stop shopping so much?
    I am no kidding...
    I recently had experience with Zappos: I've ordered shoes, they arrived one shoe in size 11, another in size 8. Well, I reorder it in another color, both shoes were size 10, I place different order for a bag and bag had oily spot on it and scratches, I placed 4th order for ballet shoes (it was my dream, I did go to ballet school when I was a kid) and they were too small for me. I felt ridiculous at least...
  3. I find the Saks SAs to be extremely nice! The only place with nicer SAs is Nordstrom. :smile:
  4. Yup, in store = great. Same for when you call Saks's 1 800 number, huh?

    (ITA about Nordstroms!)
  5. Maybe you caught someone on a bad day. Hope the experience is not repeated. I once went into a Futon store and asked if I could see a less expensive model and the salesman suggested I try Kmart. I wanted to sink into the floor. But there you have it.