Saks Credit Card Question

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  1. I've just been approved for a Saks Card (yay me!) and see that with my first purchase, I get a 10% discount. Will this discount be honored if I purchase at the LV counter? TIA!

  2. I did it before and i got 10% for eveything i purchased in that day. Happy shopping:graucho:
  3. nice!!! have fun with that discount!
  4. I didn't get the discount for LV.
  5. Most likely it won't. The LV counter is in Saks but operates as a seperate entity. The same thing happened to me at Macy's when I bought my Cerise Speedy.
  6. I've heard people have gotten the discounts with by opening a Saks card but I dont know if it still works. I know for sure it doesnt apply with the macy*s new account discount