Saks cosmetic return policy?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone knows Saks return policy on cosmetics you are not satisfied with? I purchased the SK-II AirTouch foundation last Friday and due to a couple reasons I would like to return it. Especially since it was $150! :push:

    I noticed on the back of the receipt it states they only accept resalable items. I used the product once and will never use it again. I called the store and explained my situation to the receptionist, in which she told me to speak to the manager. If the manager was not there I was to ask to leave a message and the manager would call me back. I was transferred to the cosmetic department where a rude SA basically refused to transfer me to the manager, even though the receptionist told me that is who I needed to talk to. :cursing: The SA thought they could help me out, but really didn't help at all. They told me they only accept products in resalable condition. :hysteric: Yes, I know,.. I saw that on the back of the receipt! Most stores have a different policy toward cosmetics though. I can take back a $1 lipstick I didn't like back to Rite Aid! Then the SA told me to (after many attempts to talk to the MANAGER!) "just come in with the return and they will see what they can do." Unfortunately it isn't so easy, as I have had bronchitis all week long and am really sick. I really don't want to go there if I am not going to get a refund. My sick butt is better off staying in bed. :sick:

    So i was just wondering if anyone on here has had any success returning a (barely used) cosmetic product back to Saks they were not happy with? Of course I have the receipt and all the packaging.

    Why can't all department stores have the Nordstroms return policy? I :heart: Nordies!
  2. I have used it twice, it was purchased 1-9-08
    I just dont like it when i put it on like i did when she put it on me. I went to sephoria tonight and found some philosophy MU that I like so much better. I have the boxes and receipt but I dunno if they will return it since its used and cant be resold =/ It was just over $200 and I know I wont wear it :sad:
  3. Yes, as long as you have the receipt and original packaging they will take it back. There's no way for you to know that you don't like it or that it may give you a reaction unless you actually use it...., so they will take it back. Good luck!
  4. Thanks so much.. Im really upset about it because I know they cant resell it and I feel really bad but it was alot of money.