Saks Consolidation Sale

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  1. That's what I was thinking. They had the sale at the store 50% off and that wasn't consolidation. I thought consolidation was suppose to be cheaper. (the final push before they send their merchandise to the outlets). Well, let's see!!:girlsigh:
  2. Hmmmmmmmmm - you're right girls, as the prices in the stores now are the 33% off the sale price. So, if you take an addit. 25% off that price, it's about the same/very close to the 50% off sale that ended a few weeks ago ..... Right?? I need to check this out.
  3. These bags are at NM

    Chloe Shelby Reg. $1995, now $897.
    Christian Louboutin Reg. $1995, now $897. Also available in pink.
    Balenciaga Reg. $1595, now $717. Also available in silver.
    Gucci Irina Reg. $1995, now $897.
    Gucci Abbey Bell Reg $750, now $337.
    Bottega Reg. $6280, now $2826

    PM me for Info..
  4. When they had the additional 50%, it was on top of the first markdown 30%. The total discount is 65%.

    Consolidation sale is additional 25% on top of the 60% (final cut markdown) making the total discount 70%.

    Consolidation always has the best deal.
  5. ^^ Thanks Alice for clearing that up!
  6. Not sure when this starts but got a postcard from Saks saying there will be an additional 25% off for savings up to 70% and it ends 8/16 and will be at the following stores:

    Women and Men:
    New York
    Beverly Hills
    Boca Raton
    Chevy Chase
    Houston Galleria
    Las Vegas
    San Francisco
    Southcoast Plaza

    Men Only -- Galleria Dallas, Riverside, Troy

    Women Only -- Indiannapolis
  7. ^^Thanks for posting! When is this supposed to be starting?! Thanks!
  8. Great!!! Thanks Alice

  9. ooh, do you know when it starts??

    Question -- What happens to the sale stuff in stores that aren't designated consolidation stores? I have my eye on a few sale items in the Boca Raton FL store, but there is no point getting them now considering they were an additional 50% off a few weeks ago.
  10. Hi Sona, can pls. you pm me the SA details and which store? Thanks a lot!
  11. Alice,

    If I remember correctly you are from Houston right? Any word from your SA on what the Houston Galleria will be receiving? I got quite a few pairs of shoes last year during the consolidation sale. :graucho:

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  12. Here is the Info. tell her Sonali ref you

    Charity Gearhart
    Neiman Marcus Gucci Specialist
    Austin, TX
    (512) 719-1200 Ext.1302
  13. ca u presale for consolidation sale?
  14. Can't wait for Thursday!!!. I will be there with my daughter, hoping she lets me browse because she is just one year old and very active.