Saks Consolidation Sale

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  1. well, it's working now, but nothing i like...

    i too, remember last consolidation sale, barely any handbags/shoes...mainly just apparel.
  2. ahh this is perfect i'm vacationing to los angeles in august and i get there the 5th..just in time for the sale :smile:
  3. I wonder if they will presale? Probably not at this deep discount.
  4. My SA at the Beverly Hills store told me that there would be a sale coming in August. I assume this will be for the consolidation sale.
  5. Does anyone know the date yet? If it is starting next week, I hope we can find out soon!
  6. Does anyone know if there will be any sale items at the Dallas Saks?
  7. any news?? Last thing I heard is that starts in Aug 6th until the 23rd. But, I don't know the locations or if there will be any in Florida.
  8. I got the flyer today it just says women's clearance ends on 8/16 & men's on 8/23...but don't know when it starts!
    Boca will be having the Sale!
  9. Anyone know about Chicago?
  10. i believe it starts on augs 4th here in south fl thats what i heard from a former saks employee. dunno though.
  11. Thanks for the info!!
  12. Anyone know if there will be an extra % off during this consolidation for bags and shoes? Thanks!
  13. Consolidation will start on Aug 6th and it will be additional 25% off the sale price.
  14. ^^Thanks Alice, hopefully there will be some good stuff left!
  15. Do you think there's going to be an additional discount on top of the 25% discount? I'm thinking probably not and if that's the case then the consolidation sale doesn't sound that great. In fact, it sounds like the sale that just had with the additional 25% off. The sale prices that are online seem to be the same as the sale prices that I'm seeing in store. I hope I'm wrong, because there's something that I've had my eye on for quite awhile and I'm hoping that it will be even cheaper during consolidation...