Saks Consolidation Sale

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  1. Yes, its working with no problem.
  2. Hmmm...I could only get into the homepage and when I click on anything either it doesn't load or it just gives me an error message. I don't think it's my computer because everything else works just fine.
  3. ^^Try using another browser. That worked for me!
  4. i cant get in either. o well. probably nothing that great left anyway
  5. It lets me see what it on sale but will not let me click on an item to see details:O(
  6. I can see the shoes/handbags without any problem. There's nothing I want.
  7. ^^ same here but I don't really like anything.
  8. Is it just me feeling that SAKS is using horrible models on their website this year? They can't sell anything to me!
  9. Any updates yet?? In store Aug 5 or 6th?
  10. The consolidation sale will start at the Houston store on Aug 6.
  11. How does the sale work? I remember going into the Houston store last year on the day that they said they had this sale, and saw nothing, not even a sale rack. It seemed like they did it at a separate place or section.
  12. Ladies!!!!!! Saks beverly hills has a new pair of christian louboutin - hot pink patent rolandos for only 277$ right NOW!!!!!!! Call SA Frank.... His cell # is 3107109667
    He has the shoes right now
    Saks beverly hills
  13. Btw--shoes are a size 39!
  14. Designer and menswear are additional 25% off. Designer is on the second while menswear is on the third floor. I think last consolidation was mainly apparels, there were no shoes and handbags left. I did see sale racks of clothes.
  15. yes it working. but no great stuff:sad: