Saks Consolidation Sale

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  1. No, waiting, hoping it will be at the BH location??
  2. I was at Boca Raton, FL saks last night and they still had sale racks up.
  3. Anything good? I am thinking about stopping buy tomorrow.
  4. from what i have heard...the first week of august.
    for sure.
    i heard Beverly Hills will be getting lots of shoes and mens.
    BH Saks, pulled out the sale racks again this morning.
    They still have sale, its just not all on the floor.
    Not sure what other stores will consolidate...but of course NYC.
  5. i hope chevy chase or tyson's will participate! i know chevy chase was a consolidation center for the last sale.
  6. i wan the details...
  7. my SA in Houston confirmed today that the consolidation sale will be "in about 10 days"..
  8. I heard it was the beginning of August.. around the 5th or 6th
  9. I went to Saks in Boca, yes they still have sales rack but they are not as good of the sales as they used to be with the extra 50% off. Also I went to Neiman, no sales rack.
  10. I was in Saks in Boca today too. Lots of sale stuff, but kind of pointless without the extra 50%...

    Ended up getting some Twisted Heart, a MJ coin pouch, and a Treesje bag. Bloomies was packed. Additional 50% off all sale stuff.
  11. the scoop i heard is that stores without sales racks up will be getting consolidation. Such as the designer floors in Beverly Hills (2 and 3). Contemporary floors have racks they aren't getting consolidation.

    The rumor is that shoes and handbags will be consolidated but wont get the extra discount....I doubt that, but that is what the rumor is. august 5th is the date.

    ETA: because Saks just finished the sale with the extra 50% and reduced inventory there probably wont be quite the selection as in the past.
  12. Last consolidation sale, I remember Chicago as being one of the sites.
  13. YUP! Consolidation sale in Beverly Hills begins on the 6th of August. However, shoes started on Tuesday (july 21st).

  14. is the site working for anyone??