Saks Consolidation Sale

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  1. Everyone, a new thread just for the Saks Consolidation Sale.
    Date? Stores? Discounts? :nuts:
  2. I think the final NY Consolidation is in August.
  3. #3 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    was at bev hills sacs and all the sale racks are gone. if i can remember at the last sale the racks were still up until the very end of the sale, correct me if i am wrong. it seems as though they are done with the sales
  4. So is everything going to NYC then? Anywhere else where the consolidation sale is occurring?
  5. I heard maybe Boston.
  6. I was at the BH Saks on Friday and heard the sales told a customers that all sales ended last week. NM is still having its clearance sales if this help.
  7. I was in Short Hills yesterday and there was still lots of stuff on the sale racks in shoes, my friend bought a pair of Chanel wedge slides and a pair of Yoyo Louboutins in a patent burgundy. Bags had a few things one of which was a nice Prada bag in a luggage leather (Sorry I don't know the name of the bag or remember the price). I bought a Gucci clutch on sale for $207.90. We went to Neimans but Saks seemed to have more stuff and was much better priced.
  8. I went to Saks yesterday and my SA told me that the last was really over last week and that anything left over is going to New York. Oh Majuriel, great price on a Gucci clutch, would love to see a pic of it. TIA!!
  9. Houston will be one of the consolidation stores. As a matter of fact, they have already received some sale merchandies from other stores. My SA says it'll be the first week of August, however, she also says men's wear and women's fine apparel only, no shoes/bags/accessories. I hope this is not true.
  10. I can't upload the picture for some reason, but its this clutch in a grey. Gucci - Crystal Evening Clutch -
  11. Boca Saks still had sale racks!
  12. Do u know if Boca Saks will have consolidation sale as well?
  13. I left a message for my SA this morning, hopefully we should hear somthing this week as to when/where!
  14. Has anyone heard the start date yet?
  15. ohhh, did they have any others left? I wanted to get that buy when I called the Troy Saks they said they didn't carry Gucci . . . :confused1: