Saks Consolidation Sale - Up to 70% Off (Selected Stores Only)

  1. Got this in the mail...

    We've gathered the finest men's and women's collections from Saks stores around the country and consolidated them for one extraordinary sale.

    Take an add'l 25% off for a total savings of up to 70% of original prices.


    In select stores only.

    *Selected merchandise only. Not all depts included inclearance. This clearance represents percentage off original prices. Intermediate markdowns may have occurred prior to this clearance. No adjustments to prior purchases. Excludes Saks Off Fifth stores.

    **Men's clearance in New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Houston Galleria, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco, Short Hills, South Coast Plaza, South Orange County, St. Louis, The shops at Riverside, Troy and Walt Whitman Only.

    Women's clearance in New York, Beverly Hills, Boston, Chevy Chase, Chicago, Houston Galleria, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Short Hills only.
  2. Holy moly -- is this a new trend? I've never heard of this before!
  3. Neiman is doing the same thing, same time! Economy's really bad.
  4. Oh My! My city is listed! :smile:

    What time should I be there? :smile:

    I wonder if handbags are included in "Women's"....
  5. Wow, I definitely have to check out both Saks and NM tomorrow!
  6. I just called my Saks (SF) and they said handbags are not included :sad:

    But that was just one guy on the phone. Probably still worth checking out! No word on whether shoes were included.
  7. I called Saks at Michigan Ave. they said handbags are not included in the sale only clothes dept.
  8. wow... saks & nm are next to each other in beverly hills... but they both close at 8... must get off work early to go!
  9. Too bad men's isn't included in DC. I'm going to try and get to work early tomorrow so that I can go out to Chevy Chase for women's. Then to Tyson's for Neiman's this weekend.

    The economy isn't doing so hot. I'm wondering if I should cut back and save for furniture, jewelry, or real estate!
  10. i hate that these stores close so early =P
  11. Called Saks in short Hills-- handbags are not inlcuded in sale.
  12. NM did not have any items I was interested in and there were alot of pre-sales since Monday. One items an SA described had already been sold when she went to check the price. Also, NM is final sale, no returns, so you have to look closely and make certain there are not problems or flaws.
  13. Called Saks in Beverly hills and its only ready to wear that's part of shoes, no handbags.:sad:
  14. ^^ thanks RRSC

    I was going to have to make a Beverly Hills run tomorrow if bags were include :p
  15. Thanks for the heads up... MUST find time to go into boston tomorrow!