Saks consolidation sale starts 1/22


Shopping Mad
Mar 7, 2007
Just heard from my SA at Chevy Chase that the Saks Consolidation Sale starts 1/22. Chevy Chase Saks is expecting 1000 pieces to come in for the sale. Only certain Saks will be participating in the Consolidation Sale and I don't know which stores, other than Chevy Chase, are participating. Will post when I find out!
Sep 2, 2007
I can't wait to see who else is participating and what items they will get. I'm wondering if the prices can be any better than the 70% and 80% off or the same.

Chi town Chanel

Dec 18, 2007
the Mothership
They usually don't do charge sends or have the sale online. The consolidation sale is when they ship items to a few stores and sell them at further markdowns. Last year they had one in Chicago. There weren't really any bags or shoes, but they had a lot of clothes. It was during the summer. There were tons of Escada and Ralph Lauren clothes. Lots of brands were included, but other than the ones I just mentioned, there wasn't that much from each brand. For example, I saw about 10 pieces of Moschino RTW, about the same amount of Etro, etc. There were maybe 10-15 pieces of Chanel RTW, but it was stuff that almost no one would want (short shorts and bizarre colored pants). It is fun to go and dig through, but it is like a rummage sale and it's difficult to find something that is both great looking and in your size. Hope this info helps.
Apr 11, 2008
They have it in NYC too, tons of clothes! About 30 pieces of many designers, most chanel is gone anyway. Some smaller designers, maybe a bit less. It is a big room with 6 long racks in it. I got a few great things last August.