started their sale and has some Jimmy Choos

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  1. just started their first cut sale and there are some Jimmy Choos including a white mahala bag at 30% off.
  2. thank for the heads up -- between sak and nordies we should get some good scores :smile:
  3. Yeah, I had the Riki Zebra in my cart, but had to walk away:Push: I keep telling myself to be patient for the Fall Mahala colors, but I'm dying here:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  4. I need the UK sales to start :crybaby::hysteric:
  5. Hi there,

    Can you tell me the type of bag which the sales person from sak is talking about? She mentioned that in the sales tag it is showing to go satchel. Which one is it Ramona or Mahala or something else? please help!!!!
  6. I meant to ask one of you JC experts. I got a Saks SA on the phone and she describe a Jimmy satchel but she does not know the name. All it has in the tag is the word " to go satchel" . It got rings on the sides of the bags and sort of a rounded tote or satchel if you will. I don't know the diff between a satchel or a tote. Please help!!
  7. Got this one at Saks online at 2 AM last night...anyone have it and do you love it? It will be my 1st J.C.!
    [​IMG]View all [​IMG]< PREV [​IMG]| [​IMG]NEXT > [​IMG][​IMG] function shimImage(img){img.src = "/store/catalog/images/shim.gif" }[​IMG] function shimImage(img){img.src = "/store/catalog/images/shim.gif" }[​IMG]
  8. Hi Flo,
    The photos are as follows:
    Flap top Hobo
    The Ramona & Riki's are considered totes, the Maddy & Mahala are satchels. Take a look at the SFA site under sales and they have their own descriptions of the sale bags. Hope this helps.

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  9. Thanks. This helps a lot. I bought a mahdi satchel from Nordstrom and can't wait to see her in person !!! A mahdi is like a mahala but boxy. I'll post pics when I get it:wlae:
  10. That's wonderful Flo:tup: I am so happy for you and can't wait to see photos:yahoo:
  11. Congrats, Flo! :nuts: I can't wait to hear about your Mahdi once you get her :tup: I'm new to Jimmy Choo (Chloe's my fave) and I just went and bought the forest green Mahdi from Overstock. Post modeling pics, please!!!
  12. Robynbenz,

    I can't decide what is cuter the purses or the cat:P
  13. mkdallas: your new bag is :drool:STUNNING!!! :wtf: