Sales Tax Issue

  1. Has anyone figured out the sales tax thing with Sometimes I am charged tax and other times I am not. Everything goes to the same address. I am post here since whenever we talk about deals we also talk about sales tax.
  2. Hmmm I thought Saks always charges sales tax? I think they have too because they are a brick and mortar store as well. I have never had Saks not charge me tax...but Id be cool with it if it happened ;)
  3. I've had something similar happen with NM. They used to charge me tax and in the last couple of months they haven't. Since there are no locations in the state, I don't know why they were charging tax.

    They must have had something in your state (i.e., location, warehouse) that would make them liabile for tax in your state and then moved/closed it. Or it could just be a website error.
  4. I still am confused on this. Saks Las Vegas shipped me a bag and didn't charge sales tax for California but when my mom called for the same deal the SA said she had to pay sales tax yet when she comes to visit me in California the SA shipped her a pair of shoes and didn't charge her tax.

    I know there are prior threads on this explaining it but I still didn't get it.
  5. If there is a brick and mortar in the state, then sales tax should be charged. So I think those were just errors on the part of the person who processed the sale, and maybe a weird glitch on the website.
  6. Yeah, we have rehashed the whole sales tax thing in prior threads. It is fully explained there (do a search on sales tax). I did not want to call it a bug in their website code (being a software developer myself), but I am pretty certain it is. I just don't know how to repeat it. A few weeks ago, I purchased stuff from the website and was not charged tax. Today, I have stuff in my shopping cart and tax is being calculated. Any testers out there?