sale prices show increases today

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  1. This morning I was checking on some sale clothing I was looking at yesterday and most are higher priced today. The YSL bag I purchased yesterday is almost $400 more! I know does this too but why, Saks isn't having any special promotional discount. That's when they usually raise prices unless one is coming soon. It makes no sense to me. This really ticks me off.:cursing:
  2. I also had 2 dresses :crybaby:in my bag that became higher today......
  3. Isn't EGC and FF coming up?:heart:H
  4. I talked to online CS, they said tomorrow they'll start "final sale" & it'll last till jan 13
  5. cutiekiara, thanks.

    Does anyone know if they do price adjustments?
  6. sweet!

    I know where I'm going for "lunch" tomorrow!! :yahoo:
  7. Thanks for the info!! Is it for Saks or NM or both?
  8. ^ I spoke to online Saks sa
  9. nope. they dont do that any more. several people including myself tried and were rejected.:s
  10. :yucky:
  11. Dont they usually do price adjustment on order that placed within 10 or 14 days??? Shoot I just bought a gucci clutch last night. Hopefully they would do the PA for me or else am gonna :crybaby:
  12. I went to Off Saks this morning, since I had a 30% coupon, they had also raised all of their prices. Seriously, shoes that were $99 a week and a half ago, were now $169.
  13. I know. I'm bummed. The bag I wanted popped back up but it is now up to almost $1000 - at the after Xmas sale it was only $700-something. Oh well.
  14. My SA Gino told me this weekend that the final cut sale was actually worse than the one right after x-mas because the final cut sale = 50% off original prices, whereas the after x-mas sale was an additional 40% sale prices which totalled about 60-70% off.

    Good thing I bought those Louboutins that day!
  15. hmm....i figured it out. the after xmas day sale was the best, with great selection.
    too bad i was busy with family that day. :sad::sad: