Sale Now!

  2. OMG the marc jacobs flap bag i want is on sale!!!!! someone buy it please or i will die!
  3. is it just me or is the Saks website really slow? must be all the PF hits! ;).
  4. I know this is so hard to resist but I have to b/c NM is having a one day sale 2morrow.
  5. is the NM sale going to be better than this one?
  6. The SA I spoke with told me her manager said it's the best sale they have ever had in 5 yrs. I'm heading out in the morning and I will see if that is true. If not Saks still has the in-store option from 4 to 9. Plus in the store they have a better selection.
  7. thank you sooo much! i am going to head out to the galleria tomorrow!
  8. Gasp, going!
  9. What are the details of the NM sale? I have to go out of town in the afternoon and am wondering if I can shop in the morning? Thanks!
  10. ^^ it's at night... private sale. i think my card says it's after 7pm. someone verify?
  11. Your welcome.
  12. NM is having a sale??? What's included? Details please!! I'm so heading there tomorrow :biggrin:
  13. Argh, private sale? invite only?
  14. Thanks ally! I guess that is a good thing. I shouldn't really be buying anything though I would like some shoes. Wonder if they will have any good shoes on sale?
  15. My question exactly, is the NM sale going to be all day or is it specific hours like the Saks sale?