Posted Fall Stuff...uh Oh!

  1. [​IMG]
    U all know I dont like patent..But I kinda really dig this bag..LMAO.....
    The fall bags and shoes are cute.....Check it out....

  3. I love the tote with the chain, Jill when are you gonna model the tote you got with the expandable zippers, please hehehe. Your my model I can refer to for purchases. lol . btw what is with prada doing the chanel thing? I like it.
  4. ^ I sent the bag back to Prada as a nicer one is comin in with gold on the handles too...ALso WAY more expensive..GO FIGURE...LOL
  5. I do dig the chain look but Cougess said it does dig into her shoulder whn she wears it...Something to consider when buyin!
  6. I saw that one IRL, Jill. You wouldn't like it. The patent is a lot more "out there" than it looks in this picture.

    I like it in that picture too. Very subtle, but the one I saw looked reeeeally shiny, almost plastic. Not "Jill" at all. Not me either for that matter.
  7. ^Thanks PP!
    I saw the degrade version IRL at NM..I really like that two tone patent look IRL!MUCH NICER!
  8. Going to go look now......;)
  9. Two tone patent? Do tell? Any pics around? :graucho:
  10. ^ Yup!!! me too!!!:tup:
  11. PP-The second bag I posted is two tone..called the DEGRADE line..Hard to see in pics.....Its killer IRL..I saw one at NM....Comes in Beige/black,red/black...and grey/black versions...
  12. OOOHHH, I see! It's that same type treatment that the red/white/black patent has, but a more subtle finish. Nice! I didn't even notice that until I clicked the large picture on the Saks site. Sister, you are in BIG trouble this fall!!

    OK Jill, your pop quiz for today: Is the ID tag

    A) a cruise ship

    B) a :choochoo:

  13. TRAIN??

    DID I PASS???

    I didnt go back and look ...I swear!! LOL!.....HEEHEE!
  14. OH CRUD...LMAO..Its a cruise hem.....

    NOTE- I could have gone back and edited my faux pas...BUT DIDNT..LMAO!
  15. PS-PP
    The all leather degrade for FALL is EVEN NICER!!Im waitlisted for the beige black leather version..heehee