nightmare ( My first Burberry purchase)


Dec 12, 2011
Thank You for reading this.

This is what happened to my first and definitely last purchase from

I ordered a Burberry medium tote bag from last week.
I had a 10% discount which I thought was a great deal and paid $27 for 2 day shipping.
Today, the bag arrived. I had a bad feeling as the gift box looked pretty small for my medium tote. Ad my instincts were right. I got a Burberry Haymarket bowling bag instead! I was shocked and horrified.

Needless to say, I called customer service. They said I had to ship the bag to them which they arranged for fedex to collect from me. I had no choice but to agree. Then, after some time, it strucked on me that they were using ground shipping, this means I have to wait even longer for the item to be shipped to them first before they can send out the right bag. My concerns were confirmed when I called the CS to verify. the CS lady even told me that it was the best that they could do or I could get fedex to do overnight shipping myself ( meaning to say that I have to pay the costs myself).

Thats not all... After reading through some horror stories, I looked at the incorrect bag sent to me and I do not see it on! I am really worried that they might reject my return since I cant see the bag online.

I am really disheartened by the service provided by because I am paying for a mistake that was not committed by me. I also do not feel that is trying its best to resolve the situation. In fact, the lady whom I spoke to sounded more than happy to help me cancel the ground shipping when I opted for overnight shipping which I have to bear the costs.

Nordstrom is just 10mim away from me. i could have purchased the Burberry bag there and that would be just be $50+ more.

What makes things worse is that I cant even bring this bag to the store near me for a return.I have to send it via post.

The reason why I am posting is that for the others to be aware of how online purchases can be made so complicated.
I would also like to know what will happen next as it just seems so unreal.

I hate to be mean but when I feel that I am not treated right as a customer, I have to speak up.

It really kills me to know that I have to wait for updates and for the right bag to be delivered and I do not know when. :sad:


Dec 12, 2011
I paid in total $1260 for the medium tote and I really do not mind paying another $50 plus more for overnight shipping.
I just hope that eveything will be resolved soon. This is really a nightmare.
I was hoping so much to use this bag which I have been savings for months to purchase. :sad:


Nov 8, 2006
wow, I've gotten the wrong sizes sent to me before but never the wrong item. Maybe the bowler is sold out online which is why its not showing up.


May 29, 2007
I have had issues with them also. Wrong shoes then pictured and different bikini then pictured. I am just fortunate to be close to saks short hills and have had no issues doing returns in store.


Dec 12, 2011
I am not too sure what to do now. Should I jst bring the bag down to tthe store and get a refund and buy from nordstrom or should I just ship iit backk and wait for the right bag to delivered. It is becoming really tiresome.


Nov 2, 2008
If you can return in store, you should. Just to get it done with because that is a lot of worry when shipping it back, making sure they get it, waiting for them to process the return.

Hope you get your bag!


Jan 16, 2012
I would also return it and save yourself the headache. If i were you I would have raised hell, sometimes i feel like that is what ppl need to do for something to be done. That is really bad customer service IMO. They made the mistake therefore they need to correct it ASAP!


Halt and Salute
Aug 6, 2006
Dressage Arena
I have heard of so many Saks online issues, I no longer shop with them. I canceled my Saks card. I hate to say it but they seem to have this type off issue too often. I hope yours is resolved easily for you.


Dec 12, 2011
I would love to return it but the lady spoke to told me I could not return it to the store.
I will return it tml at at the store and see what happens. I just hope to simply get the refund and get the bag from Nordstrom instead now.
Not sure if they are even to refund since the bag is completely different.


Nov 10, 2009
You can return online purchase in store..

I also had bad experience with online order.. it was a tory burch wedge.. they sent email it is being shipped then my card was charged then couple days after it was cancelled because the item is no longer available without notice... a month after I haven't received the refund had to chat and follow up.. they told me it was already issued, I told them my bank tells otherwise... had to wait a week more after that call when I received my refund.


Jun 8, 2012
San Francisco
Do NOT return it by mail, whatever happens. I shop a lot at Saks, and one of the biggest issues I face is that returns by mail take an awfully long time to be processed - about 20 days at the very least, and then another 3-4 days for the refund to show up on the bank account. I returned something I bought on the 5th of December and am yet waiting to be refunded. Especially during the sale season, they'll be inundated with returns/exchanges and thus things get delayed even longer than usual.

I'd return the bag back to a Saks store. You get refunded immediately and the $$ shows up on the bank account within a week. And you want to check whether the bag you're looking for is available in the first place, because it's odds on that it might've sold-out online. It won't go amiss to check whether the bag is available in store if it's sold out online.

Best of luck, and reiterating, do NOT return by mail.