new markdowns! Up to 60% now

  1. I was just on the website and they have their premier designer purses marked down almost 60%. There was a red gucci shoulder bag for $481 originally 1160 and you can use the shopjune for an extra 10% off.
  2. Was just at the website, even the shoes are more than 50% off!
  3. Does anyone know if Saks do PA?
  4. I called the them and the CSR lady said they don't do PA for sale items. My heart is broken...
  5. ^ argh!!!

    Does anyone know if the return/rebuy would work? I'm so PO'd, two bags (that I havent used yet!!!!) that I bought from the sale are over their adjustment period! that's at least $500+ down the drain... not to mention I "lost" $250 a couple weeks back because I couldnt be patient.
  6. use shopjune for an extra 10% off!
  7. Gah, that would really upset me too! :rant: Knowing in the back of your mind that you could've gotten it for less. I learned this lesson just a few weeks ago; sometime it does pay to be patient! :shocked:
  8. Thanks for the tip!!! :rolleyes:
  9. Thanks for posting, that is such a great sale OMG. Too bad I'm broke, lol.
  10. They've got that huge BV in Walnut for like $1300! (closing the page quickly before I do something stupid!)
  11. What is a PA?

    Anyone have a free shipping code?
  12. Is the code shopjune only works for one order? or you can use again for the next order?
  13. The prices could adjust down again tomorrow or Friday. The Saks stores are taking an additional 30% off already clearance bags in the next couple of days, similar to Neimans.
  14. I just got a mulberry bag from saks. price is good. I know I should have waited a couple of more days, but the savings is large enough to buy something that I will never pay full price for. besides, I am afraid somebody somewhere will grab it first
  15. i like that red gucci bag that's on sale for $405 but i wanted it in navy!! saks didn't order that color :hrmm:
    stupid question: you think gucci will price match???!!!! :angel: