is already going on sale starting 12:00

  1. I ve already bought a pair of shoe!!!!
  2. any 10% coupon?
  3. gals..There is a corded Fendi spy for 1980......
  4. I got shoes too!! Love it!!
  5. OMG ENABLERS!! I just bought that stupid spy. There is no way I can keep it, but at least I can bask in its glory for a bit. Or sell my soul.
  6. i hate you all......i have blown my budget 2x over :smile:
  7. ^
  8. I wish they ship internationally. There a Mui Mui bag that I longing for. oh well good for my account.
  9. Congratulations on a beauty and thank you - you saved me from myself. I put that thing in my bag 3 times last night, finally deleted it (I've been on a major bag buy lately), and went to bed with nothing (proud of myself), however, got up this morning to check the inventory (first thing--I know, sick!!). I probably would have done the spy, but I have a Honey Spy that I hardly carry, so thank you!! It is a beautiful bag and a super deal, congratulations!!
    (I may bite on a Gucci yet):smile:
  10. I need another credit card. I've melted mine. There's some seriously wicked deals this morning!! :crybaby:
  11. good stuff. . .really the purse forum is killing my bank account
  12. Aww... the sad thing is I already have many spys, but this one is so beautiful that it was on my "list"--you should carry your honey spy more! Gorgeous bag!
  13. You're right, maybe I'll get it out again, I go through phases, carry it for a week and then put it up again, will definitely always keep it, I do love it. Again, congrats on the new Spy.
  14. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the web site is sooooooooooooooo slow!! lol we are probaly breaking the damn thing ha
  15. Too slow now~ Wonder who has bought what~~