has Louboutin Espadrilles for $144!!

  1. Wow, what a great deal!
  2. ohhh I love those!!! but I've had horrible experiences with the grossgrain ribbons biting into my skin and leaving me with horrible cuts :sad:

    darn but those are so cute!!
  3. damn the ribbons are lethal ey? better prepare myself.
  4. Maybe you can try this stuff by Bandaid called Blister Block. It works really well, maybe it'll work on those too!
  5. sillywahine -- hey i just noticed youre in SF too! well not too since I'm not from there but I'm there a lot, haha.

    yea, i dont know if i just tied them too tight or what but my ankles are now full of scars! crappy. be careful! but these are soo cute
  6. is that the liquid stuff Rebecca? Yah, I definitely need to pick some of that stuff up... then I can wear more cute shoes!
  7. ^^It's actually like a tiny little deodorant stick shaped thing! It's waxy and doesn't leave a residue on anything so you can wear it with everything, it works great!
  8. OMG Rebecca! that sounds PERFECT. ok, that is on my to-get list for tomorrow! Thanks soooo much for the rec!!
  9. Lol no problem! I saw an ad for it in a magazine awhile back but could never find it-I eventually found it at Target and I also saw it at Vons.

  10. this is why i :heart: tpf :yes:

    Thanks for the tip!
  11. Great deal but unfortunately they don't have my size:crybaby:
  12. Tried these on & they were painful. :sad:
  13. Do they have any arch support? Silly question, huh? ;)
  14. so cute, might have to order a pair.