SAKS.COM: GIFT CARD available thru Apr 12 deal ONLINE!

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  1. Spend $1000 on two handbags get a $400 gift card; code: HANDBAGS

    Spend $400 on pairs of shoes get a $150 gift card; code: SHOES

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  2. Oh yay!!! I can finally snag those Jimmy Choos that I've been wanting! Thanks for the heads up. :biggrin:
  3. I tried with total of $580 for 2 pair of shoes but got this message:

    The promotional code that you have entered is not valid because it does not fall within the promotion's eligible date range or, due to high demand, supplies have run out. Please check the terms of this promotion before continuing checkout or call customer service at 1.800.347.9177 for further assistance.


  4. Oops, just wanted to edit that deal is for two pairs! :rolleyes: Sorry was typing too fast! :lol:
  5. What!!! LOL someone must not be ready - this just started online at midnight. I would call that 1-800 !
  6. I'd try again in the morning!
  7. I just tested it out, you are absolutely right it is not working just yet :cursing::hysteric: BUT - check this out it looks like the website is currently adding some handbags and shoes to their sales area, I just noticed a few of the things I have on my favorites just got marked down tonight!!! There are a ton of bags on sale!!!
  8. I thought it was just me and Saks doesn't like me or something LOL

  9. I'm with ya.:tup:
  10. Ok, I just chatted with LIVE CS, basically they are aware of the problem and was told to go ahead finalize order and come back to LIVE chat w/order number and they will manually add the 'shoes' giftcard deal to the order.

    Side note, the code HANDBAGS is working just fine! whew!
  11. What happens if you purchase $1000 worth of bags, get the gift card, and then return the bags?
  12. They'll take back the gift card when you return the bags, because they know you got a giftcard with the bags.
  13. they will charge back your account for the amount of the gift card...
  14. I'm pretty sure they've gotten more aware of people that just buy things for the gift card and end up returning it all just to keep the money.
  15. Is this for online purchases only?? I was chatting with an online SA and was told that this GC event only for online purchase. He broke my heart right after I heard that... cuz I want a CC bag. Can someone please confirm?? TIA.