Final Cut Sale is ON!

  1. Additional 25% off of sale prices!

    Go go go!!!:yahoo:
  2. There are some great stuff at great prices!
  3. so much gone already! i picked up a burberry cosmetic case for $44.00
  4. Wow great deal!
  5. me too! :nuts:
  6. I got the Burberry Cosmetic case as well! $44.92 reduced from $150!! Annddd I got a huge and lovely Burberry cashmere wrap scarf (a really huge one) for $145.42 reduced from $485! Now take away my credit card! haha
  7. okay...i want more stuff...anybody have a coupon code, by chance?
  8. those were the exact 2 steals that I was eyeing!! AMAZING prices!!!!!!
  9. WELEML0607 worked for 10% off!
  10. I know! A lot of nice Burberry pieces on sale! I love that because they don't really change year after year, so it will never be outdated:yes: Plus i could never bring myself to pay 500 dollars for a cashmere wrap, Burberry or not, so it's perrfeeecttt:heart: You should get it too!
  11. ^ hahhaa you enabler! I'm trying really, really hard to resist.
  12. just got the scarf...and the burberry pants...(talk about motivation to lose weight- gotta wear those!)
  13. shoot!! i keep going back and forth between tpf and Saks and I want to push checkout SOO bad but i shouldnt... ahhhh
  14. do it, do it!
  15. ^ kallison!! LOL! which scarf did you get? oh and those pants are a STEAL!!!!