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  1. free shipping: FSFALL until 10/11/06

    10% of all orders: shopfall (pretax) until I dont know lol
  2. You can't use both codes at the same time when checking out, what I would do is use the 10% off code and then followup with a phone call requesting the free shipping. This has worked before for members.
  3. it says only one code per order, so if i call, they will go ahead and use the free shipping code after ive applied the 10% code to order?
  4. ^^^They did that exact thing for me! I used the shopfall when I placed my order online, then called and asked for the free shipping. I got both!:yahoo:
  5. i dun really get after use the 10%discount, I call Saks?and what should I say?thx :smile:
  6. that you placed an order online and woud also like to redem the free shipping offer.

    good luck!
  7. They usually only do that for Saks First members (use the discount code, then call or chat online to get free shipping).
  8. ^^^I'm not a Saks First member and they did it for me! Just ask. That's what I did.
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