- 10% off until June 1, 2007

  1. Take 10% off your online order. Enter code WELCOMEVPG8
  2. Strange, I just tried this code and it crashed!
  3. what a great offer!!! where did you get it ?
  4. Okay it no longer crashes, but Saks does not recognize the code. :confused1:
  5. I think this is one of those one time codes that you get when you first sign onto Saks mailing list. I hope Ms. P got to use it before posting!
  6. There are two more for 10% off that not working WELCOM537TZ6 and WELCOMJDXXZS. There is only free shipping now that works fine JANFS107.
  7. I am so sorry the first code didn't work. One of my friends had emailed it to me. I should have tried it first. I will in the future.
  8. None of them work. I even recieved a few from Saks and had to call CS to get them to work
  9. strange...
    WELCOM537TZ6 worked for me just now.
  10. Hmm, didn't work for me :sad:
  11. Update: I just contacted CS via LiveChat and gave them my order number - they will credit my account 10% in 3-5 business days. :yahoo:
  12. For a first time buyer, i am looking at a Muse from Saks and will love to have some discounts, any suggestions?:yes:
  13. The free shipping code JANFS107 worked for me. Thanks!!!
  14. Well, I'd sign up for ******--you can get 3% back through them. You can also sign up for the saks newsletter and see if they send you a 10% off code for new users.