- 10% discount

    10% Off
    Coupon Code: WELCOMJDXXZS
    Expires: 06/01/07
  2. Thanks iluvmybags!!!!

    You rock! :yahoo:

    Is it good on phone orders too?
  3. dosent work :sad:
  4. I just checked another site that lists coupon codes & didn't see this one - I wonder if this might be for first time customers only??
  5. ^^^Maybe it's a 1 time use only.
  6. that code is one time use only... it's just for first purchases

    everyone's is different when they sign up for the newsletter.
  7. well I found a Saks 10% off code that works..YES!
  8. Hey joonam11 what is the code you found for 10% off if you don't mind sharing?
  9. And this code would be :confused1: :nuts::shrugs: