Saks codes??

  1. Any Saks codes floating around?? Free shipping or anything?? Thanks gals!
  2. Use code NOVEM1106 to receive 10% off your total order. I just did it via the the 866 number and it worked perfectly. You should also be able to use it via the web site also.
  3. OMG, what?! I just tried it and it works.. oh.. my god. ARGGG! Oh well, i was one of the lucky ones that got a lot of the nicer things that sold out quickly *tries to stay happy** But YARGGG
  4. thanks for the code, works fine online :smile:
  5. YAY! thank you so much! I just picked up a pair of Theory boots and some pink shuga buds!
  6. Thanks - just used it to pick up 2 pairs of Louboutins. Made me feel better since they were full price
  7. Thanks for the code!