Saks Code

  1. I really need one if anyone has one!!!
  2. Love7 for free shipping
  3. try SHOPFEB for 10% off
  4. shopfeb didn't work for me. Did it work for any of you????:confused1:
  5. Unfortunately, it did not work for me too. Hopefully, there is a new discount code soon.
  6. Signup for their email newsletter. You might receive a 10% off code almost immediately.
  7. RUSHLOVE7 for free shipping till Feb 12.
  8. thanks fashionholic! the free ship worked. just got me some louboutins!
  9. ^ Great! :biggrin:
  10. Some one posted this one an another board:
    New Saks 10% code-vaid through 6/1/07:
    I haven't tested it though
  11. It's not working :sad: