Saks code

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  1. Does this code for work? It is for 10% off.

    code: Welcome123
  2. Does SHOPFALL still work?
  3. Answered my own question.... neither of them work.

    Saks code anyone??
  4. They have none at the moment. Shopfall works only once per customer. I thought I will order under my second e-mail, but then I had to pay shipping.
  5. i just got this code for 10% off...WELCOM2QCQEK
    tell me if it was sort of a welcome for signing up for email..don't know if it's linked to my email or what....
  6. Yep! That worked. Thanks a bunch, i just ordered my favorite Juicy online at Saks ! :yahoo:
  7. good! it's supposed to be good till 6/1/07, but i don't know if it's a one time code or what...if anyone else tries it here, let us know....
  8. in my email it says can be redeemed were the lucky one
  9. FSNOV6 is for free shipping.
  10. WELCOM2QCQEK works for me even for phone order
  11. can I use the shopfall for phone order?
    and wat about the WELCOM2QcQEK? is that a one time code only?thx
  12. I just used "WELCOM2QCQEK" for 10% off and it worked! However, it only worked for me via phone order (not online order).

    SHOPFALL expired on Oct 31.
  13. thanks for the code! i just saved about $75 buying(mostly) juicy for my daughter. have you smelled their perfume? i was at Saks yesterday and until i took my shower this morning, i could still smell it on my wrist...hope she likes it.
  14. Would this code work for Dior bags? I think Dior is a separate entity inside Saks.