Saks Code-Suprise Fall Savings Online Only

  1. I just got a 15% Saks Surprise Fall Savings Email. Valid for 3 days only. Did anyone else also get one?
  2. I was just about to post. I got one. Make sure you check your SPAM folder!
  3. I got one! It has all the usual exclusions though. I guess unless it can't wait, I may sit this code out and wait for the F&F in October for the better discount.
  4. I used a code a couple weeks ago that listed all the exclusions as well. However, it worked on all my items including Chloe and Burberry. All sales items. If you see something you like, you could try to apply the code and see if it works :graucho:.
  5. I got two this morning, one for 10% off and one for 15%. I thought it was a nice surprise.
  6. hmm... yeah, I got one as well, but everything's excluded as usual. I'll probably let it pass again.
  7. If anyone has a code they won't be using, I would love it. :ty:
  8. I got one for 10% off. In the fine print, it says "Please do not forward this offer as it is not transferable."
  9. anyone tried using on cosmetics? i got a 20%!!!
  10. it works on cosmetics!!! I got a 15% so I'm going to stock up!
  11. Oh bummer....I only got a 10%
  12. I didn't get one and I'm signed up for e-mails :sad:
  13. Thanks for starting this thread. Just check my spam and got 10% off.
  14. I don't receive Saks emails anymore :sad: Very weird...
  15. I only got 10% off as well. Bummer.