Saks code or next spend some get some?

  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has a Saks code for 10% off or anything of that nature? Also, does anyone know when the next spend some, get some deal is? Thanks!
  2. They just had spend some-get some on March 22. I was at Saks today and asked them about the Friends and Family 20% sale the first weekend of May. But the SA didn't know about it and said that several others had asked her as well. Somebody else posted that it's May 4-5-6. Don't know for sure though.:confused1:
  3. The next event is Triple Points on April 12-14. However, it'd only make a difference for Saks card holders
  4. Yeah, I know about March 22 - was hoping that there was an April one, too :smile:, as they just got a lot of cute shoes in. I *think* that they've been having them every month this year. Anybody know?
  5. Next "Spend Some, Get Some" is April 26th --- according to my SA. Don't know about the 10% off code.
  6. Keep us posted on the spend some- get some!!!
  7. they give 10% off when you first sign up for their newsletter i think.
  8. that is great news! I've been waiting for the next one but wasn't too sure if there was going to be one.