Saks/Cincinnati LV robbery

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  1. Oh my goodness…you're right.

    But this is a very unfortunate event. Hope they get the culprits.
  2. This is my LV store! Hope they catch them. I'm curious as to how they managed to get their hands on the bags. All the display bags are locked in place with a cord and the others are stored in drawers or in a case.
  3. That's really unfortunate, hope they catch them.
  4. That is what I was just thinking.... wonder if the value was actually higher.

    In any event.... just terrible!
  5. they took 2 Capu bags ;) lol (not funny) that is scary! Hope everyone is safe!
  6. i wonder the same thing...and how were they able to walk out of the store with them at my local saks there a security guard standing at the door.
  7. :biggrin: :biggrin:

    I was thinking more like 5 bags. But you are right, probably 2 or 3 bags.
  8. Since they are teens Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is going to get them busted.
  9. This is also my hometown and where most of my bags are from. I must say that the security at Saks 5th is slacking a bit. This happened before when the choir games were here and a group stole gucci bags right out the front door. Gucci was displayed across from LV when you walk in. Of course they don't sell it anymore. Yeah they did say 5 bags were taken.
  10. Omg this is my local LV store. My nearest store. Sad to hear this, but I must say the downtown location is very scary, atleast to me. I remember when I bought my Alma bb I was worried if someone would snatch the LV bag that I just purchased before finding the car in the huge parking lot. I have not seen security gaurds in Saks Cincinnati. Was a SA helping them while this happened?
  11. Our store got robbed in the middle of the night a few years back. It was a free standing store and the robbers walked up to it, used some type of cutting tool to break the seam on the front glass display window then used glass carriers (giant suction cups) to lift it out and lay it on the ground which is where the police found it. They were in and out in less than 2 minutes using wire cutters to release the purses.
  12. This is also my home store. very scary. I dont go downtown Cincy after 5 anyway. I hope this is just a one time thing and they catch them. On a better note, I didnt realize this was so many TPF's home store. Why do we never meet there and shop?
  13. So nice to see so many people from Cinci on here!! Grew up there til in military. I agree, it's a no brainer downtown Saks would need security guard or off-duty police standing there.

    My local (TX) NM just had this happen too but 7 Chanel's totaling about 20K. They said someone was inside telling guy with tool that no one was there and he cut metal loop off and ran. This time got caught. Maybe that's what happened here....scary and sad though.