Saks Chevy Chase, MD CHANEL Trunkshow--TPF local meetup?


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Apr 30, 2006
LA ❤️ usual, I ran late to the trunkshow and it was just about over it seems LOL...but the SA there, Suni, so nice--managed to get me a plate of food fixed still!!! YAY...the quiche and salad were quite good, i was impressed...ok i know this isnt about food haha

there were about 3 racks of RTW and lots of gorgy pieces...i was mostly focused on the dresses so here are some pics of the samples I tried on...sorry i couldnt risk snapping pics out in the open tho!!

the handbags was "eh" to me since i wasnt into the maxi bags this season and none of the others stood out to me...they had this cerf look alike tote that came in all red and all blue or black...i didnt love the look tho, the CC is in the leather and is huge, very summery i guess...the maxi bags looked terribly mushy to me, one of the pink ones in lambskin was already showing lots of wear and dirt along the edges so i was like :wtf: and the rest of the maxis were kinda smushed together and falling all over the place with no shape...too bad cos i really did like the idea and the size!!

i didnt notice much else in accessories and no shoes stood out except they brought back those flat sandals with the huge metal CC and this year it comes in black, brown and white i think...

sorry my trunkshow report is so dismal!!!

didnt run into any TPFers there (that i know of) but did chat up some ladies in the RTW section!!!






May 23, 2006
I would love to attend a Chanel trunk show at Saks! They treat you well. I tried on some of the same dresses too but I ended up reserving two chanel jackets at NM. Both are the same style but diff colors: creamy white with black trimming & the multi blue one with white trimming!