Saks' Chanel sale!

  1. Not sure if all Saks have same Chanel item on sale, but my SA bring out all the Chanel that's going to be on sale Wed, 11/28/07 :love: here's the list:
    Black Small envelope bag-1 available:graucho:
    Salmon lamb clutch w/vertical stiching (not familiar w/that line, starts w/M?)-:graucho:
    Dark Red Pony hair, Pocket in City (or City in pocket:sweatdrop:) tote
    Lady Braid Blue & brown small boxy tote
    Luggae-Large and small black nylon duffel
    Large Brown caviar boxy tote
    Grey flap, w/scratches on back, not sure if it's Caviar, a bit rough
    there's may be 2 or 3 more i can't recall

    Gucci, D&G, Dior is also on the list, not sure about shoes or clothes.....
  2. Thanks for letting us know! Where is your Saks?
  3. Mademoiselle Ligne (vertical lines ;))
    Love the envelope... $$?
  4. My SA from Neimans told me that the 8-knot line went on sale. I think it's the 8-knot and not the lady braid that went on sale. This is on 30% off sale at Neimans, so I assume Saks will put the same Chanels on sale?
  5. pictures please...
  6. Sale??:nuts::nuts:

    Can I call your s/a?
    I'd really like to find out about the Large Brown caviar boxy tote :nuts:
  7. My SA has the following:

    Pink caviar medallion $1487
    brown outdoor boxy tote
    8 knot bags
    lots of wallets, including some classic styles, a makeup bag and a clutch.
    the medallion, i held, but its too pink for if someone wants MY PLACE..then let me know..I really would like for her to make a definite sale on it since im changing my mind.
  8. Whats her number, my friend is looking for one.

  9. ^^ oh yeah? where is your Chanel located. what state? country?
  10. I tried to pm Perjan - but no pm :confused1:
  11. my pm works..

    its a neimans located in the usa,not a chanel boutique.
  12. thanks Perjan,
    will try again:smile:
  13. Does anyone have a photo of the knot bag? I'd love to see one. :graucho:
  14. I just spoke with Brandi from Saks San Antonio, TX 210-341-4111 (the SA recommended by Classic Chic) -- she's such a sweetheart, very friendly & knowledgeable. I didn't find anything that I had to have but wanted to share a few cool pieces I thought might interest members here:

    * grey Outdoor Ligne flap (distressed caviar, CC lock) -- it's probably already reserved by now but Brandi might be able to track another one down

    * Cloudy Bundle Ligne 1-strap Hobo (NOT the 2-strap CB tote which is not marked down)

    * brown boxy/square-ish tote from Vintage Ligne(?)
  15. Thanks foxy!

    I'll go see if I can find the brown boxy in a ref thread.