Saks Chanel Sale Loot- Show me what you've got!

  1. Ok, as some of you already know what bags I'm getting from the sale, here are the pix!! I admit at first it bothers me to see the clutch & envelope bag show signs of use, but then thought about it will get there w/use eventually, not to mention 30% off! I passed on the Jumbo Envelope last EGC for LV's Lockit Verone, but end up getting this baby 30% off a month later! Nope I didn't get the LV Lockit, Verone is true gray IRL, BF said "Dead Elephant color", :biggrin:: what can i say about guys?*shurgs*

    I especially :love: the interior of clutch! They are my first on sale Chanels, and it's actually not a bad purchase! The black lambskin clutch is in there to show color difference between Grey Envelope and Salmon Clutch, wish it's on sale too:rolleyes:

    PS. Brandi and May were amazed at the 'volume' of tPF shoppers, and want to say "Thank you" for your trust of purchase w/o any previous contact! :cutesy:
    IMG_0177.JPG IMG_0178.JPG IMG_0180.JPG
  2. and the clutch, can some one tell me what line it's from? Can you tell I'm implusive buyer, never pass a deal! hehe
    IMG_0182.JPG IMG_0185.JPG Chanel 11 27 07 trio.JPG
  3. i think it's from the mademoiselle ligne and it's GORGEOUS!
  4. ^Great deals!!!

    I would think the clutch is from the Mademoiselle ligne because of the vertical stripes, but I'm not 100% sure.

    *hehe sheana beat me to it.
  5. Thanks ladies! I just know it start with 'made......' hehe, English clearly is not my first language :p
    Who's got the wallet? I know for sure there's some wallets sold to tPF:graucho:
  6. looove the pink clutch!!!
  7. omg, just realized i've never post the interior of clutch! duh! here it is :p
    Chanel Made Clutch Interior.JPG
  8. ^Wow, I LOVE that lining!!!
  9. how much is the clutch? I really like this one...
  10. I LOVE the lining! You got such a great bargain. By the way, did you get the Timeless clutch on sale too??? Congrats on your purchase
  11. wonderful choices:love:...enjoy them!:tup:
  12. wow!
    bags never go on sale where i live :sad:
  13. How much did you pay for the bag (if you don't mind me asking)?
  14. Great choices, I really love the envelope bag.
  15. great deals, i have yet to find chanel on sale!