Saks CC and LV do they....

  1. Does Saks allow you to get the 10% discount when you open a Saks card at the LV counter or is it separate? I am going to be by a Saks this week and I want the Speedy 30 so I thought I would open an account if I could get the discount at the LV counter.
  2. anyone know???? I leave tomorrow for vacation and I guess I could call and ask but I thought you all would have some input. TIA
  3. Sorry, the 10% new account discount doesn't apply to LV but to all other brands.
  4. :tdown: Sucks huh?
  5. No, sorry. I've tried to use my 10% off from applying for the Saks credit card in an LV store located in the Saks store, but they would not let me. So sorry to have to tell you.
  6. thanks anyway I am on vacation and this Saks does not have LV:tdown: so I guess i'm out of luck....thanks though
  7. Yeah.. unless you work there (not seasonally) you'll have to pay full retail like the rest of us :p