Saks called! r/o

  1. They said my new Kirsten bag is ready for pickup! I can't believe I missed the call. They called yesterday, but I was so busy I couldn't pick up the phone, so they left me a voicemail. It's coming home with me tomorrow!:yahoo:
  2. congrats and can't wait to see your kirsten. please post pics and model too. :smile:
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see it! You must be so excited, its a beautiful bag.
  4. Congrats! Post pics when you get it!
  5. can't wait to see pics too!
  6. Oh how exciting! Can't wait to see pics!
  7. Congrats! I saw this bag at the store today, it was TDF! Loves it! :heart:
  8. Congrats, congrats! Can't wait to see pics! :graucho:
  9. Yay for you! The Kirsten is adorable!
  10. Woot Woot!!!:yahoo: Congrats
  11. congrats!:yahoo:
  12. argh! i want it!
  13. Congrats .. I have the Kirsten and LOVE it:heart:
  14. congrats!! cant wait to see some pictures ;)
  15. I know you're excited! Hooray!:woohoo: