Saks called me. They got a Red Caviar Clutch in! But now I dunno....

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  1. After I had called every Saks in the entire United States back in October, I was told it was completely sold out. I wound up buying the Black Caviar Clutch and I have been LOVING it. Now a month and half later, one of the SA's I had called said they got ONE in and she remembered how much I wanted it.

    But now I just don't know! I am dying to see it in person but I don't think I can afford another clutch and especially in red. I have a vintage red Chanel bag already.

    What should I do?! It's the very last one in the company!!! Should I order it and just see? I guess I can always return it or let another girl here buy it from the store if I return. Help what should I do?!!? Hehehe.

    One thing that bugs me is that it's a Made In France one and I noticed the France clutches are super soft and lose their structured shape. But maybe all the red ones were Made in France??
  2. If you're this stressed about whether or not you want it, I am of the opinion that it isn't that important to you. I'd pass.
  3. whether or not it is made in france/italy doesn't matter, it's still a Chanel and since you're having doubts about it, then pass on it.
  4. I'd get it!! You may kick yourself later if you pass it up and if you get it and end up not using it much you can always sell it...
  5. I'd get it! You could always return it or resell it! I'm sure there are plenty of TPFers that would die for that clutch!

    IF you decide to pass on the clutch, maybe you could let us TPFers know your SAs info so someone could get it:graucho:
  6. I say have it sent you can always return it :smile: anyway you will keep thinking about it if you dont :smile:
  7. i say go for it! if not, i'm interested!! :smile:
  8. get it, you are going to kick yourself later if yo dont...
    plus you can always return it
  9. Take a looksie!
  10. I'd get it because you might end up regretting it if you let that beautiful opportunity pass you by. Like you said you can always return it if you don't like it or sell it.
  11. I have the red and I love it. It sounds like you are on the fence. If you think that you may still want it the I would get it. If you change you mind you can return it, but if you pass on it you may be kicking yourself later.
  12. Usually I would say that if you are gaving any doubts, then pass. But I think the girls are right, have it sent to you. Take time and look at it and feel it, you can easily send it back if it's not for you.
  13. I agree with the others that I'd get them and think about it for a few days. I'd obsess about "the one that got away" if I don't. If you do end up returning them, I'm sure someone here would be happy to take them from your SA.
  14. Personally I prefer the black. But it doesn't hurt to get the red and see if you really love it :heart:.
  15. I didn't get it. I passed. I looooove my black one but being I have a vintage red Chanel I just didn't need another red bag and especially a clutch. It was a tough decision but I am happy with my choice :smile: