Saks Buy Some Get Some

  1. Just to let you all guys know Saks is having their reward program again. If i'm not mistaken i think it's on 27th and you can "pre-order"
    Last time i got a $300 gift card with the purchase of my Lux Bowler (over $2k) and i used that towards the purchase my classic jumbo flap. Plus if you open Saks acount , it's additional 10% off. So, if you are planning to buy 2 Chanel bags, it helps a lot! Hope this can help someone! :smile:
    Good luck!
  2. It's today. I ordered two chanel bags. Great deals.
  3. Definitely a great deal! I missed last month's. But I'm stopping in at Saks today to get a Luxe Bowler in gold. :+) I haven't decided what I'm going to use the GC for yet though. Maybe a pair of Dior flats, or maybe I'll save it to go towards a Reissue after I save a little more!
  4. Hey! Let's see those purchases free the Saks EGC event... Photos please!! :nuts:
  5. I ended up not buying anything! When I got to Saks, I found out that the gold bowler the SA pulled aside for me was acutally the gigantic one. :crybaby:There was nothing else I really wanted, as they didn't have the black reissue in the 226 size either. It was a sad day! Hopefully others were able to take advantage of the EGC event!
  6. I attempted, but they didn't have what I was looking for. I'd love to see some pics from other PFers who scored, though!:yahoo:
  7. Oh crap did I miss it again!?!
  8. here is one
    I got this one with 300 $ discount and 10% off for opening the card, plus i did not pay tax because i mailed it as a gift (to myself! hahahah)
  9. Here is the bowler i got for full price :smile:
  10. Just saw the pics of you and your Chanel bags in the pictures thread. The classic jumbo flap is gorgeous and looks great on you! May I ask the price of that one?
  11. Ah, love your bowler too! :biggrin:
  12. the price was 1695, (the classic jumbo)
    i love this bag!!!
    love the bowler too, they are so different in style !
  13. Wow, you got a great deal on the jumbo flap with the discounts!! Thanks for the info. 1695 sounds very reasonable for Chanel even w/out a discount.
  14. Great choices ladies - love the bags!!
  15. Love the bags, congrats:yes: