Saks Bonus Rewards for LV?

  1. I was just wondering if Saks Bonus Rewards can be used on LV purchases. TIA! :smile:
  2. no they can't. you mean the rewards you get at the end of the year right? when i called and asked they said anything BUT lv. figures.
  3. No
  4. Thanks for the info!
  5. Well maybe something has changed. It said right on the back not for use on LV but I used mine today on my PM agenda! Yipeeeee
  6. congrats! post some pix please! what color/line is ur agenda?
  7. i was able to use my $25 spend more get more gift cards on LV as well. I'm going to try using the bonus rewards this weekend!
  8. hi Ally!! *waves* hehe..sorry OT!
  9. hi jill! i'm hoping to use my Saks GC for a BH today... it'll only be 636 after tax, i think :smile:.
  10. :heart:

  11. oh the Pomme! It's soo adorable, you are going to have loads of fun w/it, please share some pix when u get it!

  12. Classic Chic - I'm waiting for my Hello Kitty inserts to come today. I'll post photos tonight. I'm so excited
  13. Hello Kitty Inserts!?:nuts: Where did you get them from? I've been looking all over the place since Dec and couldn't find them........It's be soo cute in LV agenda.....:love:
  14. someone on the main board posted they were able to use it after all.