Saks Boca Raton update on Balenciaga Fall colors

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  1. Ladies i spoke to my wonderful SA "Anne" at Saks Boca Raton FL to get the update on what Saks bought from Fall colors. Here you go::tup:
    Cream City w/Gold and Silver Hardware
    Tomato City w/Gold and RH
    Sienna City w/Gold and RH
    Pine ?
    Plomp Hobo w/Silver hardware
    This is all she has and knows right now. The shipment starts June 4th through Aug 30th.
    If you are planning to purchase from Saks, speak to Anne because she is wonderful and the only SA there that knows the colors and Bbags very well (561-393-9100 Ex 1358). I hope this helps some of you. I am working on the NM list for you too.
  2. Thanks Nanaz that was nice of you......sounds like they are getting some nice ones in
  3. Thanks Nanaz - great info!
  4. thx
    cant wait to see more piccies of the 07 tomato red
  5. Nanaz that's very kind of you! - I'm sure a lot of PFers want to know what their local retailers are receiving! :yes:
  6. Thank you so much Nanaz... you're so sweet:love: and very helpfull
  7. thanks Nanaz for sharing:heart:
  8. Thanks Nanaz! I can't wait to see pics of these colors!
  9. Thanks!! Very nice of you!!
  10. Thanks for posting this info!
  11. Thanks Nanaz, you're a champ! That Plomb Day with SH sounds divine :drool: Oh, I WISH I could do the bling thing...
  12. You're awesome! Thanks Nanaz!
  13. You are very welcome every one. :heart: