Saks Boca Raton Balenciaga update

  1. This is as of today. If you are interested in any thing ask for Ann. She is wonderful. :tup:561-393-9100 ex.1358

    CITY-Black,Mogano,Rouge, Ivory
    THE FIRST-Ivory,Rouge
    THE WORK- Black, Bleu
    THE STEP- Tabac, Violet
    THE BREIF-brown
    THE CITY- turquoise,Red, Black, French Blue, Kelly Green, White,Anthracite,Truffle
    THE PARTTIME- Red, Mastic, Violet,Olive Green,Black w/Silver
    THE WORK- White, black
    THE BREIF- black
    HOBO- Plomb w/Silver, Ivory
    STILL TO COME........UNTIL 10/12
    THE PARTTIMER-Regular Hardware- Black, Vert Foret, and Yellow
    THE STEP-(REG)- Red
    THE PARTTIMER-Giant Gold) Vert Foret
  2. Is the giant hardware gold unless otherwise noted?
  3. OOOhhhh, excited about the violet part time. Thanks for the update Nanaz!
  4. This is what she sent me through e-mail. I am sure all the 2007 S/S colors are with GH but please call her for the F/W 2007 availability.:smile:
  5. Would you mind either posting or PM'ing me her E-mail address. Sak's store hours on the East Coast almost never coincide with my working hours over here on the West Coast. :tdown:

  6. yea, could you share her email address? i want to enquire about the Part-Time Red GH...
  7. Ladies, i just spoke to Ann and every thing w/Giant hardware is in Gold except the Black PT and Plomb Hobo which are in SH. You can call her either in ex 1358 or 1255. She only has two Violet PT w/SH so grab them while you can. Her e-mail address is but it is easier to call her because you will get a quicker response from her. Good Luck!:smile:
  8. I just spoke to Al in Saks...He is sending me a Violet in PT Gold HW...Ann was bombarded with calls at the time but he said they never had the Violet in anything but Gold HW...Who Knows? If I don't like it I'll just send it back...
  9. Same thing happened with me! He said they only had the part time in GGH!
  10. Why can't all SA's speak the same language? :nogood:
  11. oops, That was my mistake.:p
  12. I was just in Saks Boca yesterday (9/08/07), the Violet PT GSH and Violet Step are sold out. They do currently have a brown (mogano?) step. They have not gotten anything in Juane yet.

    Also available in addition to the bags mentioned by Nanaz:
    Vert Gazon City GGH

    Also they had some items from last year
    Lilac First
  13. oh my god a red step?! would it be bad? my 3rd bbag in 2 weeks? should i?! ahhh!
  14. Go for it Amanda...The red would be awesome! :woohoo: You just can't have too many you know...Can we say "ENABLER"???
  15. ^hahaha I know, there is no such thing as too many! They're all gorgeous!