Saks Beauty Week & EGC Spend Some Get Some

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  1. Saks Fifth Avenue is happy to announce the biggest beauty event of the season:

    Friday, September 30th through Saturday, October 8th.

    Receive a metallic tote bag filled with beauty samples and irresistible offers with your beauty or fragrance purchase of $100 or more.

    We are kicking off this event with EGC: SPEND SOME GET SOME the first two days.
    September 30th and October 1st

    Receive a Saks electronic gift card with your purchases as follows:
    Spend $250- $499 Get $25
    Spend $500- $999 Get $50
    Spend $1000-$1999 Get $100
    Spend $2000-$2999 Get $300
    Spend $3000 & up Get $450
  2. Yeah! Finally!
  3. Do you know if Chanel is included or excluded? TIA!
  4. The samples with the tote bag are not that great; I checked with an SA on online chat. They include Fekkai samples, Cartier fragrance, Molton Brown handwash and some other ones...I think Neiman's had a better offer this time around.
  5. Oh and Barneys has the best one! Their GWP for $200 includes a full size Kevin Aucoin eyelash curler, lipstick queen lip gloss and Deborah Lipmann nail color along with a ton of samples. Too bad I blew my budget at the Neimans beauty event.
  6. Is this asks answer to bloomies f&f? Or will they have on too?????
  7. Thank you!! Great info! :smile:
  8. saks has their own f&f
  9. Agree, but there have been some rumors that they won't be doing it anymore.
  10. not any more. confirmed with a manager there
  11. hmmm, then EGCs are the next best things. i have a feeling that saks may change their mind tho...economy may get worse, so maybe retail will need to react accordingly.
  12. Yes, they do! I'm going to pick up my purchases today!

    The only drawback is that Barney's doesn't carry every line.
  13. Oh no :sad:
  14. Chanel is included and if you spend $150 you get the Saks GWP bag AND a awesome Chanel bag. The Chanel bag is a white travel make-up bag that zips with a few samples not sure how many maybe 5-7?? The Saks GWP bag has one Chanel sample in it "Sublimage".:graucho:
  15. anyone know if La Mer is included??? TIA :smile: