Saks Beauty Promo Feb. 25-March 6

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  1. I searched and didn't see this posted yet. I received a catalog for their promotion today.

    Receive your choice of three bright tote bags (they are cute) *filled with deluxe samples and irresistible offers* with your $75 beauty purchase in-store or on Online use code PURE at checkout. One per customer.

    IMO the samples don't amount to much:
    Fekkai silky straight shampoo, conditioner and serum packets
    Lancome Color Design full-sized lipstick
    Narciso Rodriguez fragrance
    certificate for $50 off any sunglasses ($250+)
    certificate for $20 off any Spanx ($100+)
    certificate for 6-week supply of Neulash with $150 Neulash purchase

    There are also 19 GWP listed in the book, but no photos, so it's hard to judge what's a good value.
  2. Thanks so much for the info. I agree with you that the samples aren't fantastic. They have been getting smaller and smaller... I wouldn't even count the certificates as a benefit unless you were already planning to buy sunglasses and it just worked out to be a benefit for you.

    I think I am just going to do the NM beauty event this round. Thanks again Boxermom!!! This was helpful.
  3. I will probably do the same, Chi town. These promos aren't nearly the great deal they used to be. Still waiting for my NM beauty event mailing, but I have an SA in Charlotte who can help me if I don't receive one.
  4. Does anyone know if the certificate for the sunglasses will work for Chanel sunglasses? TIA!
  5. thanks for posting! The minimum is cheaper than NM- that is a plus... but not sure about samples??
  6. i am wondering this too if anyone knows, thanks!
  7. The fine print says "valid on ladies' full-price sunglasses only", so if Saks has Chanel sunglasses, I would guess that it's good on them.
  8. Thank you for the info boxermom! I wish Saks weren't so stingy with the samples.
  9. those look like great deals! Saks unfortunately doesn't carry Chanel sunglasses... but they have some amazing other designers!!
  10. ^some Saks stores definitely do carry Chanel sunglasses!
  11. oh!! i just looked online because i know the one near me doesnt, good to know tho!!

  12. Wonder if Saks is being stingy with the samples, or is it the cosmetic

    companies that participate in the event aren't being as generous???
  13. ^^^Good question. NM has a lot more GWP than Saks does. The NM bag isn't my favorite. The Saks bag is darn cute, at least in the photo. In the past, Saks seemed to run out much faster than NM.
  14. ^ That is a great question!
  15. Cutting back given this economy? Wouldn't surprise me at all.