Saks Beauty events - any going on this weekend?

  1. i was at the BH Saks chanel beauty boutique and I remember them saying there's an event going on this weekend. they said something about receiving a chanel gift (saturday) and also a Saks gift (this weekend). anybody know more details? Hopefully my mind's not going crazy...TIA! :smile:
  2. ok, so i checked with Saks and they said they ARE having a event this weekend! it's the grand opening event for their cosmetics and all lines will be giving gifts with purchase. if you go into the store there's music and stuff going on. chanel is giving a gift with purchase of $125 and there's also a saks gift (not sure what's in it, but it's a gold tote) with purchase of $150. :nuts:
  3. Store event only? Do they have it online?